QEP Proposal Submissions for Fall 2016

Primary Proposer Title of Project
Anatoli Ignatov Developing global partnerships: Innovation, exchange, and co-learning at the interface of sustainable development and technology
Anthony Wilson Prague Apparel Design Studio
Antonio T. Bly Black Jesus: A Study of Race and Religion in the African Atlantic World 
Cole Edwards Studying carbonate sedimentology in the field: linking patterns and processes between modern and ancient reef environments
Damiana Pyles Bringing the Faraway to our Front Door: Raising Awareness of the Refugee Crisis Through Immigrant and Refugee Communities in Gre
Denise Ringler The Nile Project Residency at Appalachian State University 
Federiga Bindi Women's Leadership in International Relations 
Heather Jo Mashburn The Missing Link: The Role of Language in International Service-Learning 
Jeremy Ferrell Solar Electricity for the Developing World
John T. Spagnolo Mountaineer Global Connections Conference
Kirsten Marie Clemens Questing Global Filmmakers: A Project to Enhance the International Film Culture at ASU
Laura Padgett From Graduate School to the Workforce: The Impact of Immigration on America‚Äôs Workforce 
Laurie Semmes CAMIA: A New Paradigm for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Music Appropriated for Propaganda 
Lee Ball Empowering Global Leadership in the Practice of Sustainability
Lisa Stinson Scouting Art Spain
Meredith Church Pipes Global Opportunities Conference 2017
Nickolas Jordan Exploratory Study Abroad Collaboration to the UK
Roma Angel Thematic Interdisciplinary, Global Learning-Domestic Study-away Program Model Development Institute 
Shanan Fitts Beyond Flags, Foods, and Festivals: Exploring Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Pedagogy in North Carolina
Shanshan Lou Advertising, Media, and Business in China 
Stephen McCreery Learning how to run a study abroad program: Poland with Dr. Nina-Jo Moore 
Susan Lane New York Service Learning Interprofessional Program 
Susan Musilli Heightening Cultural Awareness through Reflective Contemplative Practices 
Tammy Kowalczyk A Learning Community for Global Sustainable Development in Rural Communities
Xiaofei Tu Final Phase of International Collaborative Teaching