Learning Communities Funding Opportunities

Global Opportunities Clusters/Learning Communities are groups of faculty and/or staff who collaborate in the pursuit of a common goal around global learning. 

The purpose of Clusters/Learning Communities is to increase awareness of global learning opportunities that are already available on and off-campus, and to develop additional opportunities through collaboration across multiple units and disciplines on campus. Clusters/Learning Communities provide opportunities for faculty and staff to network with each other and with international partners. They are intended to promote the infusion of global content and perspectives into curricular and co-curricular offerings, and encourage more extensive linkages to partner institutions through stronger faculty/staff connections.

Possible goals for Global Opportunities Clusters/Learning Communities include piloting technologies to link students in similar classes or student organizations in partner institutions; piloting software programs to increase global knowledge and intercultural competence; developing student research, service-learning, or internship opportunities; and the like. Clusters/Learning Communities may focus on particular world regions (e. g., Middle East or Latin America) or themes (e. g., sustainability, social justice, the arts).