Previously Funded Proposals

Academic Affairs, via the Office of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Funded 10 Global Learning "Grants" last spring. The name for these funds has changed from "grants" to "Funding Opportunities." Below are several examples of funded proposals. Please keep in mind that at least one new requirement has been added that most likely isn't included in these proposals. Proposals must now include a budget narrative (a detailed explanation of how the funds will be utilized). For a complete list of requirements, please see the proposal guidelines under the respective area of interest.


Previously funded proposals

AttachmentTypeFile size
Bringing the Faraway to our Front Door_2016-2017.pdfPDF119.96 KB
Exploratory Trip_2016-2017.pdfPDF132.88 KB
Empowering Global Leadership_2016-2017 .pdfPDF110.71 KB
Global Learning-Domestic Study-away_2016-2017.pdfPDF145.36 KB
Global Opportunities Conference 2017.pdfPDF139.8 KB
Learning Community for Global Sustainable Dev_2016-2017.pdfPDF150.64 KB
The Missing Link_2016-2017.pdfPDF111.27 KB
New York Service Learning_2016-2017.pdfPDF163.91 KB
The Nile Project Residency_2016-2017.pdfPDF162.85 KB
Prague Apparel Design Studio_2016-2017.pdfPDF119.52 KB
Scouting Art Spain_2016-2017.pdfPDF154.62 KB
Studying carbonate sedimentology_2016-2017.pdfPDF90.69 KB
Women’s Leadership_2016-2017.pdfPDF131.26 KB
Applied Design Paris_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF74.89 KB
AppState in DC_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF122.94 KB
Class Linked to Four Turkish Universities_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF121.02 KB
International Collaboration Among Faculty_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF159.4 KB
Government and Criminal Justice to the UK_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF40.34 KB
iASE Language Immersion Project_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF82.71 KB
Postcolonial Humanities Symposium_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF2.68 MB
International Teaching Collaboration_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF64.67 KB
Study Away Program development_report_2015-2016.pdfPDF73.21 KB
Abstracts of Proposals Funded by Global Learning QEP, 2015-2016.pdfPDF95.16 KB
Non-Western Performance in London_2014-2015.pdfPDF112.5 KB
Bringing the World to Boone!_2014-2015.pdfPDF157.92 KB
Enhancing International Service Learning in Education_2014-2015.pdfPDF185.19 KB
Funded_Proposals_2014-15.docWord (DOC)85.5 KB