Global Connections Certificate

The Global Connections Certificate is an undergraduate certificate administered through the Global Studies program and available to all Appalachian State University students. The certificate will include 15-21 hours of course work, study abroad, and at least 40 hours of community service. The amount of course work required may vary depending upon foreign language choice and placement. Students may combine their certificate requirements with requirements for other programs at Appalachian.

Program of Study for Global Connections Certificate

The Global Connections Certificate is available to all Appalachian State University students who meet a minimum of the following criteria:

  1. Foreign Language: Students must complete the equivalent of at least two years of sequential college level course work in foreign language (the equivalent of four courses or twelve credit hours).
  2. International Experience: Students must participate in an international service-learning program or in a short-term study abroad program in a location related to their language of study. These programs must involve at least one three-hour course. 
  3. International Content: Students must take nine credit hours of "international content" course work in addition to the foreign language course work required above in #1. See the attached list for available courses. Students may consult the Global Studies focus areas for other international content courses.
  4. Community Service: Students must complete at least 40 hours of service or outreach related to diversity issues, multicultural issues, and/or study abroad experiences. Need ideas? Look here.
  5. Reflection: Students will document their experiences in a portfolio that will include at least one final reflection paper (6-8 pages) specifically addressing the local and global connections of their experiences. The portfolio and final reflection paper will be submitted separately to the GLS curriculum committee for review.

Consult with your major advisor and with the Global Studies Program Director on ways in which the reflection and portfolio may be integrated into the capstone required for your major.

How to Apply

When you do your graduation check the semester before you plan to graduate, complete the Global Connections Certificate Application (DOC) and send it via email to Alexandra Hellenbrand, Director of the Global Studies Program, at

The portfolio must be submitted by November 1 for December graduation of the same year; by April 1 for May/August graduation of the same year (i.e. submit the portfolio on November 1, 2015 if you intend to graduate in December 2015). This portfolio will be reviewed by the Global Studies Curriculum Committee.

Students who complete the Global Connections Certificate will be recognized with the following:

  • Certificate at the University College graduation celebration in April
  • Designated stole at commencement
  • Note on your academic transcripts