The Quality Enhancement Plan “Global Learning: A World of Opportunities for Appalachian Students” will be assessed during its five-year implementation and beyond.

There are four objectives with the QEP’s planned assessment:

  • Measure progress towards achievement of QEP student learning outcomes and provide feedback for improvement
  • Establish offices responsible for assessment reporting and feedback
  • Link QEP related curricular activities to at least one QEP student learning outcome
  • Develop procedure that monitors global learning opportunities as well as students’ use of opportunities

Action Steps

Specific action steps toward QEP assessment are:

Create and implement a Global Learning Opportunities (GLO) attribute for courses.

Marking courses with a GLO attribute will promote clear understanding of existing and emerging opportunities and will help advisors and students to select appropriate courses.

A comprehensive inventory of GLOs will also greatly assist in implementing and assessing the QEP.

Interested? Talk to your department chair for application details.

Annually evaluate products of learning for GLO courses.

Each course with a GLO attribute will be asked to provide student learning artifacts (such as embedded test questions, student writing, portfolios or capstone projects) related to the student learning outcomes of the course. Annually, a random sample of artifacts will be chosen for evaluation for each of the QEP Student learning outcomes.

Faculty with appropriate expertise will evaluate student learning using rubrics developed by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) and report their review to the director and QEP Council.

Administer and evaluate the annual Global Learning Survey

Incoming students and outgoing seniors will be surveyed each year by Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning in conjunction with the director using an instrument developed by AAC&U.

The instrument will measure global knowledge, intercultural skills and global attitudes. To see the latest results, go to Global Learning Survey Results 2014-15.

Track multiple and varied global learning opportunities.

QEP Goals

  • Goal 1: Develop globally competent knowledge
  • Goal 2: Cultivate intercultural competencies
  • Goal 3: Foster globally competent citizenship