QEP Council

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) belongs to everyone at Appalachian and everyone’s work matters. When the reaccreditation team from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools visited campus in April 2013, they were impressed with campus enthusiasm for “Global Learning: A World of Opportunities for Appalachian Students.”

We planned the QEP together as a campus, and we are implementing it together. The QEP Council helps to integrate “Global Learning” into the fabric of the campus to ensure its lasting impact.

The Council’s Charge

The QEP Council provides oversight of and recommendations on the implementation of the QEP, working in an advisory capacity to the QEP director and the council co-chairs. The council works to ensure that focus remains upon enhancing student learning and effectively assessing student learning and programmatic outcomes.

Non-Voting Co-Chairs:

  • Dr. Mark Ginn – Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Jesse Lutabingwa – Associate Vice Chancellor, International Education, and Development

 Non-Voting Members:

  • Dr. Garner Dewey – QEP Director, Office of the QEP
  • Ms. Terri Lockwood – Director of Programs - Office of the QEP
  • Mary Neal Meador – QEP Assistant, Office of the QEP

Voting Members:

  • Gabe Casale – College of Arts and Sciences (Natural Sciences)
  • Anderson Clayton – Student Government Association
  • Darci Gardner – College of Arts and Sciences (Humanities)
  • Megan Hayes – Director of University Communications
  • Alan Lee, Student Government Association
  • Brian MacHarg – Director, Service Learning (Student Development)
  • Alex McAllister – Belk Library and Information Commons
  • Susan McCracken – Career Development Center
  • Jeanne Mercer-Ballard – Applied Design (Member-at-Large)
  • Marty Meznar – Walker College of Business
  • Patrick O’Shea – Reich College of Education
  • Deborah Phillips – College of Health Sciences
  • Rob Sanders – Cratis D. Williams Graduate School
  • Marissa Sariol-Clough – Graduate Student Government Association
  • Renee Scherlen – College of Arts and Sciences (Social Sciences)
  • Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham – Hayes School of Music
  • John T. Spagnolo – College of Education (Member-at-Large)
  • Lynn Waugh – University College
  • Leroy Wright – Student Development
  • Yu-Ju (Mandy) Wu – Department of Art

Other Active Non-Voting Participants 

  • Maria Anastasiou – Director, International Education, and Development
  • Sue Edwards – Vice Provost Faculty Affairs
  • Elaine Gray – Learning Support Specialist, General Education
  • Martha McCaughey – Coordinator, General Education
  • Beverly Moser – Graduate Program Director, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
  • Traci Royster – Director, Staff Development, and Strategic Initiative
  • Nancy Saldana – Student Employee, Office of the QEP
  • Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand - Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Tom Van Gilder – Director, Learning Technology Services
  • Pete Wachs – Office of Institutional Research and Planning